Distinguished Servant


The Fort Wayne Alumni and Friends Heritage Association recognizes notable individuals who served on campus with distinction and were directly related to the Fort Wayne Training School, Fort Wayne Bible Institute, Fort Wayne Bible College, Summit Christian College and Taylor University Fort Wayne during its existence: students, faculty, staff, administration, board and perhaps significant others not included the previous groups. Other distinguished alumni and friends who made notable contributions to the college but did not serve on the campus are recognized in the Alumni Hall of Honor.

Among the criteria for the Distinguished Campus Servant:

  • Committed disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrated loyalty to the purposes and programs of the college
  • Creator or Developer of campus programs, activities or concepts that furthered the cause of the campus
  • Significant Contributor to the college (specifics given such as director of, establishment of, areas of contribution, wrote)
  • Gave many years of honorable service on campus
  • Brought honor and recognition to the college (within the campus and off campus)

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